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Why Support the Positive Difference?

• God uses you when you give through KLRC to make a Positive Difference and share hope in Christ one song, one conversation, and one heart at a time.

• KLRC is listener-supported, and only exists through the gifts and prayers of faithful listeners and businesses who support the ministry.

• Many give sacrificially to be a part of what God is doing through KLRC. As such, we always seek to operate with transparency and integrity!

Current Progress

Fall Fundraiser Goal0%

$504,003 of $500,000 Raised (Last updated: 10/14 at 2:00pm)

Overall 2021 Need0%

$1,354,003 of $1,350,000 Raised (Last updated: 10/14 at 2:00pm)

Stories of Hope

How God is Making a Positive Difference through your support of KLRC… One Song, One Conversation, One Heart at a Time

Provide Meals to Healthcare Heroes

Your new gift of $40/mo to KLRC includes a special bonus thanks to MarketPlace Grill! Here’s how it works…

Share Hope Through KLRC

Your gift of $40/mo will share hope with those who need it most... one song, one conversation, one heart at a time.

100% Of Your Gift Stays with KLRC

The full amount of your donation will be used to further the music and ministry of KLRC, but there's also an additional benefit!

MarketPlace Grill Partners With You

When you give $40/mo to KLRC, our friends at MarketPlace Grill will team up with you to help your gift's impact go even further!

Meals for Healthcare Heroes

MarketPlace Grill provides a meal to thank an ICU or COVID-Unit Healthcare Hero from a local hospital... in your honor!

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    • Provide a Meal to a Healthcare Hero from MarketPlace Grill

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Here’s Who is Partnering with KLRC to Share Hope

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